Associate Charter

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  • No efforts are spared to welcome you in our large family!


  • Real and daily investment of the partners and the senior associates in the training of the newly arrived.
  • Training is not only technical; it also covers all the other facets of the legal profession.
  • Associates are involved as often as possible in all phases of a case.
  • Technical training sessions are regularly given to the firm’s associates.

Working Conditions

  • A working environment allowing each associate to work efficiently is made available, both for the firm’s cases and personal cases: librarian, IT manager, state-of-the-art IT tools, office manager, 1 or 2 trainees per team, an assistant specifically assigned to each associate.
  • Availability of remote work tools, when case constraints so require.


  • Yearly review, at a meeting between the associate and the relevant partners, as to evolution of compensation.
  • Market compensation and regular growth thereof in light of results and market conditions.
  • Payment of annual bonuses in light of individual and team performance.


  •  No associate requirement as to the number of billable hours.
  •  Stated goal to coherently allocate the workload amongst associates in each team.
  •  Rationale partner management of the associate workload within each team.
  •  Associate workload is comparable to that of other teams in the market in each area.

Evolution /Career plan

  •  Associates are given responsibilities, under monitoring, as soon as they enter the firm.
  •  The size of the firm affords a personalized development within the firm, independently from seniority.
  •  Development and access to junior partner and partnership status are determined pragmatically. Yearend reviews afford the opportunity to set career steps.

Taking part in the firm's life

  •  Associate implication in the initiation, conception, organization of certain events or marketing initiatives of the firm, whether institutional or targeted.
  • Taking part in student forums, newsletters and other communication operations.

Dialogue and listening

  •  An «open door» policy is practiced throughout the firm in order to promote exchanges in a spirit of solidarity.
  •  Yearend two-way evaluations prevail and are a way to communicate on challenges faced, wishes, progress and the setting of yearly targets.
  •  Team meetings are regularly held.