Questions Réponses

A career of course…

What schooling? What experience for our associates?

We’re not looking for a stereotype resume. Our associates all have very different profiles.

 Will I be required to speak English?

Yes of course! A command of English is obviously a prerequisite. Obviously all of our cases are not international, but our clients are often foreigners. It is necessary, to the extent feasible, to be as comfortable with a share purchase agreement as with a two hour conference call in English!

Will I work directly with the partners?

Yes, our partners are not inaccessible! Undoubtedly our senior associates are more regularly in contact with associates. Junior associates, even trainees, will also be called upon to work with partners, each in accordance with his/her level of experience.

What type of cases will I work on? What is the firm’s « plus »? What compensation?

For all of these questions see!

What implication in the firm’s know-how?

The firm’s associates are regularly solicited to organize presentations on technical subjects and breaking legal news. Such presentations sometimes take place within the team in the context of a case or during a specifically organized training program, or in larger sessions with all of the firm’s teams in the context of on-job training. In the latter case, training is also an opportunity to discover the activities of the firm’s other departments.

What are my chances of internal promotion? 

An associate for a day, always an associate? No, not necessarily! Several of our partners are former associates of the firm; likewise some of our associates are former trainees.

What role for the trainee?

No, we don’t exploit our trainees! Our trainees generally enter the firm for 3 to 6 months. As members of the team, they share the firm’s activities. Because we want to offer them a lasting and enriching pre-professional experience, we do not welcome large number of trainees. A successful experience requires the trainee to be curious and proactive.

but also an environment and
an ambiance!

Will I have an assistant?

Yes! A personal assistant? No! Each assistant supports on average 4 associates and/or partners. He/she is a precious asset on a daily basis, if not a second mother/a second father for some!

What resources for legal research?

Even if our associates have access to electronic resources, nothing can replace a library: Ali Baba’s cavern of doctrine and case law! But more especially our librarian will prove indispensable to guide you in your research!

With whom will I work? In what ambiance?

With likeable and respectful individuals in a serene and friendly ambiance! The ambiance is serious but casual, people take time to say hello and to discuss with one another. Associates are young (30/35 years), dynamic and fun! « Events » are regularly scheduled by the firm (Xmas evening, cooking competitions, sports events…) in order for each to better get acquainted with the other. You will have gathered that we place great emphasis on the quality of human relations within our firm.

What schedules?

It’s difficult to specifically answer this question which depends to a large extent on the time of the year and the field. In each field, we have schedules and workloads which are comparable to those of our direct competitors.

Where to lunch?

Sushi swallowed on the edge of your desk is not without a certain charm… but the quartier is full of small and friendly restaurants which you will soon discover. A priori there’s one that will suit your tastes: French, Italian, « American », Japanese, and Thai…

What environment? What quartier?

The firm is located 200 meters from the Arc of Triumph in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Its proximity to RER A and metro lines 1, 2 and 6 du metro is a real advantage. As to the quartier itself, each should find something to his/her liking: those who crave walkabouts can access the Champs-Elysées in a few minutes, shopping addicts should find bliss on the avenue des Ternes shopping street and finally, for those who would never do without greenery at Paris, the parc Monceau is only a few minutes from the firm.