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What we expect of applicants depends on their level of experience, but whatever such level, the fundamental values we seek in our associates are competence, thoroughness, responsiveness, personal commitment, energy and teamwork.
There’s no standard profile. We respect the personality, the job experience and the profile of each applicant. Our teams are composed of lawyers with varied and complementary experience, but all are in search of excellence.
Beyond their technical qualifications, the applicants whom we hire are those in whom we detect the same will as ours, as well as the ability to set up a privileged partnership with our clients. This requirement arises from our desire to offer our clients significant team availability as well as lawyers who are able to go hand in hand with their cases.

We offer you a different type of collaboration:
One of the specificities of our firm is to continue, at a time when teams have become excessively specialized, to offer our associates the opportunity to be multi-task in respect to a given subject matter and hence within each of our departments. We believe that excessive specialization of an associate as from his/her entry into the profession may prove counter-productive in terms of training and work quality. We also seek and privilege interaction amongst the different departments in order to raise their awareness as to cross-disciplinary issues.

We offer you the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurial project:
Our firm is experiencing constant growth. It builds up each day thanks to its associates, their implication, their contribution in terms of ideas and their vision of the entrepreneurial project.


Yearlong, all of the departments of our firm offer trainee programs for three to six month periods which may possibly be renewed.
As for young associates, we permanently seek to implicate our trainees in the firm’s ongoing actions as full members of the team and thus to offer them a lasting and quality pre-professional experience.
Applicants must have earned a post-graduate degree in business law (ideally dual degrees) with sound pre-professional experience. A command of English and IT tools is required.
The trainees are paid and a trainee agreement is required.

Administrative support team

Because our quality requirements would be a lot of hype if it didn’t apply to the whole firm, our administrative support teams are recruited with the same care as that which presides over the recruitment of our associates, in order to maintain the same fundamental values. The development of our firm gives rise to needs in this area.