Lawyers "sans frontière"

From China to South Africa, from Brazil to Germany, from Russia to Norway,
we covered the world for our clients over the past years with the same enthusiasm and we are determined to continue.

Our international approach mirrors the firm: we privilege an independent development model, targeted and bespoke. A significant and continuously growing portion of our activities have led us to be projected on the international scene, we offer a homogeneous quality of services which are adapted to the issues faced by our clients.

How do we operate?

  • Beyond the traditional foreign correspondent and integrated networks available, our “tailor-made” strategy translates an original approach of increased internationalization of our activities which has naturally led us to open on October 1st, 2014 our representative office in London, being the bridgehead and European market place for cross-border transactions,
  • We have set up an informal and flexible network of partners in accordance with subject matters and not a rigid network of foreign firms.

« Our move to London demonstrates our optimism that the worst part of the financial crisis is behind us. We look forward to working closely with our London contacts and to implementing much needed European strategies for a large number of our clients” Olivier Tordjman

Who do we represent?

  • Foreign clients with the same characteristics as our local clients (corporate, investment funds, and financial institutions),
  • Foreign firms which we represent as local counsel,
  • Loyal French clients which we accompany in their strategic international deals; their foreign litigation and their commercial agreements.

Who is our aboard team?

Our representative office in the UK, located in the heart of the City of London:

  • Gives us a strategic position in the UK allowing us to advise in a more efficient way our UK clients, investment funds, corporates and fund managers who invest into France from London;
  • Enables us to provide strengthened assistance to our French clients who invest abroad and in particular in the UK;
  • Enables our foreign correspondents based in London and in the UK to have an easily accessible presence of French legal expertise and market know how in London for the benefit of their own clients.

This office is run by all of the Firm’s lawyers who are regularly in London within the context of their common activity. All of our practices under French law are represented in the London office in order to provide complete and comprehensive advice in the UK.

Moreover, we privilege the most appropriate individuals in each country and in each firm, in accordance with the nature of the cases. Over more than twenty years, we have striven to identify the firms with which we work efficiently, with working methods which are proximate with ours and which possess real know-how in their area of specialization.

The lawyers with whom we work are regularly reviewed and we have no exclusive relationship with our foreign partners.

Finally, the flexibility which we offer to our clients in the choice of local correspondents allows us to take into account, on a case by case basis, the size of the transaction/case and a reasonable budget to be allocated thereto. The work habits which we created with our local correspondents allow us to best articulate and to optimize our actions, including from a financial standpoint.

« London will give us a geographical proximity to our clients and business partners from which we will be able to advise in a more pragmatic way by navigating deeper into the Anglo-Saxon environment” Bernard Ayache

Who is our international team in France?

The firm’s teams include:

  • Lawyers who studied abroad or who practiced, in France or abroad, in firms with an international standing,
  • Lawyers of different nationalities and members of several bars,
  • The younger ones include lawyers recruited on the campuses of major American universities,
  • Lawyers who regularly participate in and take part in international events.

The firm also set up since several years a partnership with Georgetown University and NYU.

 And as we travel the world for our clients, we have become very gifted in finding the best addresses and good plans in our favorite professional towns (London, New-York, Milano, Rome, Luxemburg …). Don’t hesitate to ask for it, or to consult our City Guide.