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With whom?


...Because you chose Jack Bauer and not Steve McGarrett... We respect the relationship of trust between the client and its counsels. The lawyer with whom you chose to work, or whom you approved, will remain your main interface in the case. He/she will supervise, where appropriate, the team of associates who will work at his/her side on the transaction/case.


...Zorro would come to nought without Bernardo... In accordance with transaction/case requirements, we gather the working team which we deem most appropriate. When we deem it necessary, we offer the services of the specialized teams of the other competent departments of our firm. Under all circumstances we coordinate the transaction/case.


...Because even 007 doesn’t know how to do everything himself... When we don’t have the in-house resources to handle a transaction/case, we inform you and offer to call on our correspondents. Their intervention comes within a separate budget which is determined after prior consultation with you. In order to ensure a smooth work flow, we ensure the coordination as if the relevant correspondent were one of our firm’s teams. A similar procedure is followed in respect of the network of our foreign correspondents.



...Because you need THE solution now and in one sentence... We work to procure you within the shortest deadlines with pragmatic answers to your questions. To the extent possible, we never leave an issue without a substitute solution. We seek, in all cases, to make ourselves understood both by our clients and our opponents.

Decision making

...Because you’re the boss, obviously!... You remain the sole decision maker in respect of all of the case. We act in the strict framework of the brief you entrusted us with. We seek your prior approval for all relevant major decisions. Draft instruments are systematically submitted to you prior to any dispatching.


...Because once we have begun our work, we cannot do without one another... Our practice is to provide for regular communication with our clients. You are kept informed of the significant developments of the transaction/case within the shortest deadlines. We adjust to your requests in terms of reporting. In general several lawyers are available to keep you appraised or to swiftly forward your requests for information to your main contact.

At what price?


...Because we love friendship tokens... Our fees are billed on the basis of time spent in accordance with an hourly rate schedule set annually which we communicate to you on request. A budget estimate will be forwarded to you on request. You may, at any time, in the course of the case request a statement of ongoing fees. Expenses and disbursements are rebilled to you.

Billing and settlement

...A debt paid is a kept friend... Fees are billed on a monthly basis in principle and are payable upon receipt. According to circumstances, a retainer may be requested upon the startup of a transaction/case. Likewise, in accordance with the type of transaction, it may be agreed to postpone the settlement of fees until the end of the case.