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Who are we?

Place the 18 partners in a room, a lot of coffee, some chocolate and raise a simple question: «Who are we? ». Rest assured endless and passionate debate follows. Don’t expect a single answer... These are four issues on which we unanimously agree:

First of all
we are a people organization

So far, nothing new or differentiating. In reality there is, for those who know us, because we particularly care for the men and women with whom we work, our staff and our clients, their qualities and values, and the commitments which we choose to convey together.

Then we are lawyers

We are a far cry from the lawyers of yesterday and currently not one of us sputters into the traditional Dictaphone. Nevertheless our profession remains that of counseling our clients in compliance with the rules set by the profession which we honor. We are responsible towards you and our duty is to act with due care.

We are also technicians

Cases and transactions are increasingly challenging within a legal and regulatory framework which is both complex and changing. The technical dimension has become essential. Each one of us is specialized and none of us will venture into unknown fields without the necessary technical support.

Lastly and especially
we are real entrepreneurs

We are some 70 individuals in the firm which, in some respects, operates as a business. We understand the issues faced by our clients, their requirements, their doubts as we share them. This proximity leads us to use as guidelines pragmatism, responsiveness, and flexibility and to always take the strategic aspect of cases and transactions into account.


We are obviously, individually and collectively many other things. In fact we were prepared to devote several dozen other pages to the subject matter! In the end we preferred giving you tangible and descriptive examples of what we are and that in which we want to believe.